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700ml, 17.5% ABV 

Select was created in 1920 in the Castello district of Venice, the historical heart of the city, at Pilla Distilleries, a place renowned for the art of liquor making.

When the popularity of the aperitif began to spread, the Spritz soon became a favorite, establishing Select as the star of the Venetian cocktail scene. Select is recognized as the classic Venetian Aperitif.

Select is made by carefully blending 30 botanicals, including juniper berries, for their balsamic and floral characteristics, with rhubarb root, which provides intensely bitter notes for balance.

Intense and brilliant Ruby Red color with orange highlights

Strong and tonic primary notes, with citrus fruit and essential oils, combined with fresh, balsamic, resinous eucalyptus and menthol notes which mainly come  from the juniper distillate. Complex and herbaceous secondary notes.

Complex and intense with bitter notes coming from roots and barks. The spicy and tropical notes marry perfectly the citrusy ones. Pleasantly persistent aftertaste with fresh and rich notes coming from the citrus fruits and essential oils.