Gingin Gin (Singapore)

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700 ml, 46% ABV

Crafted In Gingin. Now available in Singapore

Jim was born a gin guy. A man of great taste, refined palate and just enough audacity to make things happen. Jim appreciated the craftsmanship of old traditions combined with the allure of the new ones. So naturally, gin was always the drink for Jim. And as he sipped on his spirit of choice, Jim began to silently yearn for the right time and place to quit his day job and make the world’s best gin.

So it seems inevitable that, less than an hour from where he was born, Jim should stumble across the town of Gingin. A town aptly named, but also uniquely credentialed to make the world’s best gin. A food bowl brimming with local botanicals. A place where pristine waters meet. A place that turns gin’s heritage into a new tradition. And the distillation of Young Jim’s 30 year dream to make the world’s best gin.

For the man born to make gin, all roads led Jim to Gingin.

Deep Juniper notes and a citrus finish with a bergamot and elderflower like nose create an elegant and exquisite gin.

Juniper - bringing a pine and earthy flavour
Coriander - a mellow spice and hint of citrus
Angelica - providing a long dry finish

Lemon - subtle brightness and a soft citrus note
Orange - zesty citrus with an almost tart marmalade aftertaste
Olive Leaf - herbaceous, tannin notes

Licorice - aka distiller's sugar: helps to bring a subtle sweetness.
Green Tea - a sweet florality with a nutty, earthy aftertaste
Almond - delicate marzipan and mouthfeel