Rosso Antico Singapore: Aperitivo/Vermouth

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​750 ml, 16% ABV

An aromatized wine first created in the late 18th century in the Court of Savoy, vermouth instantly became a must-have for the European aristocracy.

Rosso Antico is a masterful blend of select white wines and 33 botanicals which undergo the classic extraction methods of blending and boiling.

Three species of Wormwood - Absinthium, Pontica and Vulgaris – endow the liquid with its characteristic personality and balanced level of pleasant bitterness. The most distinct element of the Rosso Antico aroma is the Ireos Florentina, one of the finest varieties of Iris, which gives the vermouth its signature floral notes.

Its intense aroma and rich, well-balanced taste make Rosso Antico the perfect vermouth for classic cocktails such as the Americano the first traditional Italian vermouth cocktail.

Americano – 1 part Rosso Antico, 1 part bitter, 1 part soda water, served in an Old Fashioned glass over ice and garnished with a slice of orange and lemon peel.