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Distilled is an independent, Singapore-based brand development agency representing beverage brands both locally and regionally.

Our mission is to be ‘boots-on-the-ground’ for our partners by providing time and attention to growing product awareness, building brand equity and driving sales in South East Asia through activation and events.

We distribute craft spirits to trade and consumers, run educational spirits events for trade and public and tailor make awards programmes.


We also create memorable consumer experiences, from bespoke cocktail events to at-home-tastings.





Chris Marshall is well known on the Singapore and Southeast Asia bar scenes 

and is known for engaging both customers and bartenders, sharing his

passion and knowledge. He has over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, distribution, strategic leadership and organisational design.


From the moment Chris made his first, almost accidental visit, to one of the world’s top cocktails bars, his passion for the art of the cocktail was ignited. Being based in Singapore at the time of it’s ‘cocktail revolution’ in 2011, provided the perfect platform for him to fuel the fire. With a number of key early adopter bars

joining the scene in 2011/12, Chris found himself constantly asking questions, engaging with customers and staff alike, swapping stories and developing his knowledge and tastes.


Being a regular traveller, predominantly around Southeast Asia, with his  career in industrial automation provided Chris with the opportunity to extend his bar visits beyond Singapore and he soon become equally well known across Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City. 


Holidays to Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and London were always punctuated, if not led, by building lists of must-do bars and must-meet bar contacts derived from numerous conversations whilst back in Southeast Asia.  These visits helped drive the need for Chris’ hand crafted cocktail maps which he would grow and perfect with every visit, often being a lively source of entertainment for the local bar community and customers alike.  This resulted in the formation and publication of his Singapore Cocktail Map, which was utilised by the Jigger & Pony Group across their five Singapore bars to help educate the visiting crowd during the 2016 Singapore Cocktail Festival.

With both his grandfathers coming from British Naval backgrounds, it was perhaps inevitable that Chris would become a rum lover, but that love extends beyond rum to all spirit variations and he enjoys continuing to build his knowledge of both the classics and beyond.


His knowledge, enthusiasm and people skills led him to create and lead Cocktail Tours for the 2016, 2017 and 2018  Singapore Cocktail Festivals.  He led groups of paying customers, nightly, over the duration of the festival, helping to educate, enthuse and encourage them to try new concoctions.  A task which came naturally! He is always keen to share his love of spirits and extend his knowledge whether chatting to customers in bars or leading tastings/discovery classes for the trade.


Chris is also one of the few non-industry voting panel members for the Southeast Asia Bar Awards, (Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia).


He was a speaker at the inaugural Singapore Bar Talks, delivering his perspective and expectations as a customer to the attending bar owners, bartenders, ambassadors and distributors/importers.


Chris even has a cocktail named after him: The Marshall #onemarshallplease which won the Singapore Bacardi Legacy competition in 2017 and went on to represent Singapore at the Bacardi Legacy Global Finals in Berlin. 




Stefanie Goh came into the food and beverage business by accident. On a trip to Melbourne in early 2014, she was introduced to cold brew coffee by an old friend and decided to develop her own product on return to Singapore. Fast forward six months and Birdy’s Cold Brew Coffee was launched at Whisky Live that year.


That was also the weekend Stefanie discovered the world of bespoke cocktails. Whenever she got a chance,  she would sit at the bar and trade cold brew coffee for knowledge about spirits and the art of crafting a quality cocktail. Bartenders would twitch with anticipation of caffeine whenever she walked through the door.


 She is now a certified barista and her passion is concocting espresso-based cocktails and working with Distilled’s brands. The transition from producer to importer, distributor and brand champion was a natural one. “As a small-batch producer, I am in a unique position because I can relate to the challenges an artisanal brand faces. The success of your product begins and ends with the time, quality and passion you put into each drop.” 

Prior to finding her calling in the food and beverage industry, Stefanie spent 

two decades in marketing communications and brand development in the

aviation and technology sectors.