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Remarkable Regional Rums are marriages or rums from different distilleries from one region. All are Extra Old rums and we aim to capture the vibrancy, style and terroir of that region creating sipping rums that are exciting, vibrant and utterly delicious.


We only select rums from lesser known distilleries or rum producing nations of the world and present them once that rum has reached an age that perfectly represents that country or distillery’s style. Each of our releases is limited to just one barrel. To preserve the character of these rums, we do not chill filter or add caramel colouring to them.


Six Saints Rum of the Caribbean

The devout islanders of Grenada have been quietly hand crafting rum for over 200 years. Named after the Caribbean isle’s six saintly parishes, we distill divine natural rum, the way it has always been. Using only the most hallowed ingredients, it’s then matured, for at least 6 years in Grenada, in once used bourbon barrels and presented at 41.7%, the perfect sipping strength. You might say Six Saints is a truly immaculate conception.


Discover these amazing rums with family and friends with our virtual tasting experience!

Each pack contains six rum expressions in 30 ml bottles.

Rum Discovery 1

  • Minimum of 8 participants per session.

    All sales are final.

    Participants will be sent a conference all link when 'seats' are confirmed through payment.

    All participants must be 18 years old at time of purchase.

    Please drink responsibly.


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